Innovating a better tomorrow.
For passionate producers,
conscious consumers
…and our planet

TheDearGroup develops new category winners within food and beverage, exploiting and combining online direct sales opportunities, value for money propositions and sustainability leadership. We plan to be commercially active from early 2021.

The first product line to be launched will be DearWineMaker, creating a
unique digital customer experience and door-step delivery of signature
wines from real winemakers in the most sustainable way. And without expensive middlemen, DearWineMaker will deliver quality wines significantly cheaper than comparable alternatives.

TheDearGroup will constantly innovate and develop several product lines entering into the categories of natural juices, spring water and ice tea. Each of  TheDearGroup’s businesses is majority owned by TheDearGroup and run by dedicated and experienced management resources.
All business lines will be among the most digitalized and data driven operations within their categories. And an end-to-end e-commerce “plug-in”, allowing quality producers to benefit from both TheDearGroup’s own sales platforms and 3rd party marketplaces – like dedicated brand stores on Amazon.

Less CO2

No expensive

Minimal recycling

Avoiding heavy

TheDearGroup values


We see things holistically and are conscious of our environmental obligation. We are demanding from ourselves and all our partners to always raise the bar and help drive the evolution in the quest for eco friendly and CO2 neutral solutions.


We set new quality standards and want to stand out. We strive for a superior product experience through clear quality focus, ethical production methods and honest storytelling from real craftsmen that make a difference.


We change businesses and challenge unproductive conventions. Driven by curiosity and constructive stubbornness, we are not afraid to exploit new ideas, new combinations, new ways of doing things to drive our business forward.


We are an effective and pragmatic operation. Being data driven and digital from birth, we are already leaner and faster. With full integrity, we cut the unnecessary fat and focus on doing the right things, right. This is how we create value for money.

Eye level

We always meet people with empathy. Whether we are speaking about a digitalized customer experience design, our suppliers or other business partners, we are by nature approachable, down to earth and ready to share a smile.
TheDearGroup is a disruptive and ambitious operation. The 29th September 2020 we found our capital partner in NORVentures, who saw the opportunity as clearly as we do. NORVentures has bought a 25% equity stake in TheDearGroup – to help bring the vision into action. Press release: NORventures invests in TheDearGroup


“TheDearGroup commits to constantly invest, research and innovate to reduce waste and CO2 footprint of our operations. Sustainability is key in the positioning both of TheDearGroup and our product lines.

Operating dedicatedly with only the most sustainable packaging formats across all our businesses, TheDearGroup will be positioned among the elite of eco friendly companies. But it doesn’t stop here…

TheDearGroup wants to be recognized for driving the evolution towards 100% environmental neutral packaging solutions, ecofriendly transportation and logistics, as well as a responsible and conscious approach to daily operations”

Jacob Nyborg
CEO TheDearGroup

TheDearGroup Management

TheDearGroup leadership team has more than 30 years’ experience in global
branding and premium strategies, research and innovation, product development,
customer experience design, digital transformation and finance.

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