Wine is in my blood. And soon also in a cube!

World famous winemaker, Bruno Lafon, is determined to make outstanding wines where tradition meets the demands of the modern wine lover. Now, on the waiting list to join DearWineMaker with his first wines, we meet Bruno in his vineyards in South of France.

“It is amazing how we share the vision of DearWineMaker”, says Bruno, and continues: “We have thought about creating a high quality alternative to bottles, because we are very focused on the environment. Our production is organic, and we are constantly innovating. Therefore, it was a natural next step also to challenge the bottle”.

Bruno Lafon originates from Burgundy, and with all the history and wine competence in the luggage, he moved to South of France in 1999 to seek inspiration to create more accessible wines, new blends, from new terroirs and with new challenges. Lately, Bruno has turned the business into a family operation, where his daughter works on the commercial side and his wife dedicated to the sustainability and ecological aspects of wine production.

Bruno explains: “I cannot wait to see our greatest wines and my life’s work in the cubes from DearWineMaker. Not only have you cracked the concept of delivering exceptional quality without a bottle, but also managed to get some very remarkable winemakers on board the project”.

Bruno Lafon will become the 7th winemaker in the DearWineMaker portfolio, and as we cannot wait to present his face on the front of his cube, Bruno looks forward to have his own “talking cube” on the DearWineMaker website – to start meeting new wine lovers in an effective and efficient way.

“The DearWineMaker team is as daringly innovative as myself. And you have succeeded in creating a superior quality feeling without a bottle. I truly believe this will be part of a sustainable future for authentic quality wines”, Bruno concludes.

DearWineMaker will market Bruno Lafon’s wines from summer 2021.