Soil matters!

Very soon we will be able to introduce you to Flavio Prà, a highly awarded winemaker from Veneto, who shares many of the same values as DearWineMaker.

He constantly looks for and adopts new technique and technologies to reduce the impact to the environment and to ensure high-quality wines without using agronomical products that could damage the environment or the vineyard.

In the year 2000 he founded Corte Allodola – after many years of intense work and experience as consultant and producer, to express true Italian style and craftsmanship also in more accessible wines. And he has already been rightfully awarded several times, as the true wine superstar he is.

What makes Flavio unique and interesting to us, is his ability and talent to always find the right soil for each variety, making them come out absolutely at their best. And for him, with DearWineMaker’s focus on “wines with GPS”, we are a partner sharing the same passion for true, authentic origins of the wines, superior craftmanship, and care for the environment.

We can proudly say, that with Flavio Prà, we really found our partner in wine!