Serve your wines from carafes to get the best out of them!

If you want to enjoy your red wines at their best, using a decanter is a great idea. Decanting may not seem like a big deal, but the increased oxygen exposure to wine greatly improves the taste by softening astringent tannins while letting fruit and floral aromas come out.

Even when it comes to rosé and white wines, you will experience them better when being served from a carafe. So, go look for one in your kitchen cabinets and use it also for your more daily wines, as all wines taste better after decanting, especially when served in your biggest glasses!

You’ll notice that some wines will take longer to oxygenate than others. For example, full-bodied red wines with high tannin generally need more time in a decanter to open up. To speed this process up, choose a decanter with a wide base to increase the amount of oxygen exposure to the wine.

When it comes down to choosing, get a decanter you love. With that being said, look for one that’s easy to fill, pour, and also clean. As obvious as this seems, you’d be surprised how many beautiful decanters are a pain to use and almost impossible to clean!

How to Use a Decanter​

Pour wine into the decanter so it hits the sides of the glass. You want to do this so there is more oxygen exposure to the surface of the wine. It’s also quite okay to swirl the decanter by the neck for the same purpose. Do it 30-60 minutes before you enjoy your reds, and just from the fridge with your rosé and whites.

PLEASE NOTICE not to use any detergents in cleaning your decanters!

Just use hot water, like when you´re cleaning your big wine glasses.


Kenneth Frøslev
Wine Master, DearWineMaker