How to choose the best wine glasses

Certain wine glasses perform better than others (there’s actually some science to back this up). That being said, which are the best wine glasses for you?

Obviously, you can drink wine from whatever you want. However, using the right glass improves the taste of wine dramatically in a positive direction. And they will not cost you a fortune either.

Unless of course, you’re obsessed and would rather spend the extra money on better wines, instead.

The importance of a proper Glass​

There is a piece of scientific evidence that supports the importance of glass shape.

In 2015, a Japanese medical group used a special camera to record images of ethanol vapors in different glasses. In their study, the research group showed how different glass shapes affected the density and position of vapors at the openings of different shapes of glasses.

Why do vapors matter? Well, they carry aromatic compounds into your nose. And aromatic compounds are responsible for producing the vast majority of flavors in wine.

Of the many different wine glasses available, you’ll find that certain shapes are better for enjoying certain types of wine.

By the way, it doesn’t really matter if your glass is stemmed or stemless. It’s more about how the shape of the vessel collects aromas and deposits wine into your mouth. (I know some of you enthusiasts will strongly disagree! 😉)

How do I choose?​

First things first. You know those stemmed glasses that you fill all the way to the top? Those aren’t wine glasses. They’re in the best case water glasses!

In order to taste flavours in wine you really need space above the wine to collect aromas.

But instead of filling all your glass cabinets and spending all your money on different wine glasses and less on the good wines, I recommend you to just invest in only two types as follows:

You need to have at least some large Bordeaux glasses in which you can enjoy all kind of red wines and your white wines too!

Nice to have large white wine glasses too, so invest in some as well. Then you’re all good to go and enjoy your wines better 😊

Last but not least ​

Enjoy your wine at it’s best by pouring especially the red wines into your carafes no matter their shape and looks. It will help the wines to open up their aromas faster, and better than without “decanting” as it’s called.


Kenneth Frøslev
Wine Master, DearWineMaker