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TheDearGroup develops new category winners within the beverage industry exploiting and by combining authentic product propositions, digital opportunities, and sustainability leadership – with a community approach. We have been commercially active since April 2021.

Disrupting the status quo

Today’s beverage industry has developed to threaten many of the smaller, authentic producers and craftsmen across Europe. The perception of what original quality is all about is deteriorating, and the environment is under pressure with extensive use of CO2 demanding and polluting glass and plastics.
We are here to drive sustainable change and change senseless behaviors at a time, where the world needs more sense than ever.

For the smaller quality producers…

  • A plug-in to help explain and tell their story professionally, internationally and digitally
  • Though our community, we give them access to new markets through both digital and physical sales channels
  • Help their green transition bringing new, sustainable packaging solutions
  • Trading fairly, so they can focus on creating superior product quality
  • Access to consumer and customer data and reviews to inspire their product development and prioritization.

For the customers…

  • Access to authentic quality products from smaller European craftsmen, whose products otherwise would be impossible to find
  • Meeting the producers and hearing their stories virtually through digitalization of the product label
  • Sustainability as a way of life, finally saying goodbye to glass and plastic bottles without compromising on quality
  • Convenience in all aspects from shopping to handling and recycling
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For the environment…

  • An operation fully committed to research, innovate and invest in sustainable packaging formats
  • Packaging formats that can be transported up to 7 times more effectively to the producers than bottles
  • Optimal transport efficiency after filling, where our formats holds twice the volume compared to bottles
  • Recyclable packaging from recycled materials or cardboard made from non-chemical, natural foresting

Innovative and purposeful

TheDearGroup will constantly innovate and develop several product lines entering the categories of wine, natural juices, spring water, ice-tea, and cocktails. Each of TheDearGroup’s businesses is majority owned by TheDearGroup and run by dedicated and experienced management resources.

The first product line, DearWineMaker, was launched in April 2021. Digitalizing the wine label, we create a unique digital customer experience of quality signature wines from real winemakers. And always in sustainable packaging, like our “wine cube”, with 8 x less CO2 emissions than glass bottles

Digital and data-driven

All business lines are digitally advanced, datadriven communities. An end-to-end “plug-in” with the full suite of services helping smaller and mid-sized European quality producers to benefit from both our own brand platforms as well as 3rd party retail and marketplaces

Flexible and scalable

The core TDG team forms the centre of the operation, we are operating in a highly flexible and scalable structure with few fixed costs. The consolidated TDG team consists of only 15 professionals, who form the centre of the operation, building the IPs, generating the insights, creating the strategy, and setting the key priorities. Execution happens with a handpicked eco-system of top qualified vendors and consortium partners, who are supporting each of our operational tracks

Become part of the journey

TheDearGroup is expanding massively both in terms of penetration of new markets and channels, onboarding of new producers and creation of new business lines. Therefore, we are looking for suppliers and business partners, sales channels, as well as investors, who would like to be part of our journey and growth.


We are constantly scouting for new partners within our product lines. So if you are an outstanding quality producer with a great story to tell, and you can see the idea of delivering high quality in new sustainable formats, let us know. That also goes for any other vendor or business partner.


TheDearGroup simply wants to be present, where the audience is. And we therefore have a very open and liberal approach to new distribution and sales channels. If you represent sales channels or communities, small or big, specialised or general, regional or international, you have our interest.


Our projected progressive growth derives from both penetrating more
markets and increase reach, while constantly expanding our business lines. This is a capital demanding process, but necessary to become a new point of gravity in the industry, and fully benefit from TheDearGroup’s IPs.


The inventory from all business lines is financed through the company DearLiquidAssets – owned 100% by TheDearGroup. Here, private loan
givers can obtain extremely competitive interest rates through short-term financing of  TheDearGroup’s inventory, with optimal security and transparency.

We hope we made an impression…

It is our true belief that TheDearGroup ticks all the boxes of what tomorrow’s winner looks like. Digital and effective, yet caring and purposeful – at a time, where consumers seek product truths and sustainable solutions on all levels.

With new and existing partners, we all recognize that each of us can do a lot individually, but when we join forces in our community with shared passion and contemplating competences, we will not only make a difference. We will move the world.

TheDearGroup Management

TheDearGroup leadership team has more than 30 years’ experience in global
branding and premium strategies, research and innovation, product development,
customer experience design, digital transformation and finance.

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