Facts about bottles and cubes.

Imagine, in 2021 it is 50 years ago milk for the last time was brought to you in glass bottles. It seems like stone age, right? Fact is, that there is no reason why you would keep the glass bottles for wine either, unless you want to keep them in your cellar for ages.

As a wine master, I am often confronted with the wine snobbery that unfortunately also follows this beautiful craft. And I know many wine enthusiasts that simply cannot live without the rituals, their overly impressive cork screws, cutters and gadgets. But to me, time has come to a change. If we really want to respect the craft, we also have to respect our planet.

And it is not about nothing. We are speaking about more than 5 billion heavy glass bottles in northern Europe alone. Every year. And the substantial CO2 footprint that follows producing them, transporting them to the winemakers, transporting them to the markets in big trucks, collecting them, transporting them to be melted, which is also a highly CO2 demanding process, before they are produced again.

It is not fair to the environment at a time, where our planet needs more sense than ever. And now that we have a viable and sustainable alternative; the wine cube from DearWineMaker. We have worked with the best experts in their fields to give you an alternative which has an 8 times lower CO2 footprint than glass bottles. On top, cubes can be packed efficiently because of their compact shape. So, we need far less trucks driving through Europe.

Give it a thought. You can be certain that the wines, I have chosen, are ready to enjoy now, without further maturation. And if you want rituals, use a decanter or a carafe. That is exactly, what our wines need. Nothing more than a fresh breath of air – and serving preferably in your biggest wine glasses.

You are hereby invited to help us and the world to battle the bottle. 


Kenneth Frøslev
Wine Master, DearWineMaker